The Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is located in the West End Historic District of Dallas, Texas, USA. It is a for-profit zoo and aquarium. The aquarium houses many animals that are endangered or threatened and participates in a cooperative breeding program with other zoos around the world.

It opened in October of 1992. An old 1924 warehouse was the original site of the aquarium. This warehouse was built in 1924 and was occupied until 1982. It had been used for several industries, including the Pioneer Steel Rule and Die and the Mohawk Rubber Company. This empty warehouse was gutted and rebuilt for the Dallas World Aquarium. The adjacent building was purchased in 1996. This was built in 1929 as a warehouse for storage of rubber goods and later used by a Venetian blind company. The alley that was between these two buildings became the divide between the saltwater and freshwater exhibits. The vacant lot nearby was purchased in 2000 and new construction became the Mundo Maya exhibit.

An artificial reproduction of the Orinoco Rainforest is located on the upper level of the aquarium. The rainforest is an aviary where birds fly freely. There are sloths, manatees, tamarins, Orinoco crocodiles, vampire bats, poison dart frogs, caecilians, and electric eels in the rainforest as well.

The lower level of the aquarium contains aquaria including sea anemones, jellyfish, fish, coral and other sea animals from all over the world. There are 10 main tanks and they feature aquatic life from all over the world including Sri Lanka, British Columbia, Japan, Southern Australia, Palau, Fiji, the Bahamas, Indonesia, Lord Howe Island, and the Solomon Islands. The aquarium also includes a large tank for a 40 foot tunnel. Visitors can observe fish swimming around them.

The Dallas World Aquarim is also part of a joint initiative between local corporations and companies and the Dalls Public School district. The joint venture is part of a work study program by the school. It emphasizes real-world business practices and techniques and uses them to teach the upcoming generation on running and maintaining the day to day operations of the aquarium.

The Aquarium is open daily from 8:30 am and last entry is at 4:00 pm. It is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The Dallas World Aquarium is located at 1801 North Griffin Street, located in Dallas, Texas.

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